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Family Pool Time

Receive up to $1,000 in grant funding for aquatics training courses. 


The City of Chilliwack and YMCA know the importance of aquatic programming for our community. Water safety, swim lessons, club sports, rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation and fun with family and friends are all part of a memorable day at the pool. 

Delivering these important programs and experiences to the community takes a dedicated group of professionals working together to create and provide safe aquatic spaces. 

The YMCA operates 4 pools in Chilliwack and we are looking to increase the number of aquatic professionals, specifically lifeguards and swimming instructors, to oversee our pools. 

Together the City and YMCA have created a grant opportunity to train and develop this next group of aquatics professionals for Chilliwack. A maximum of $1,000 in grant funding is available to each successful applicant.

Have we piqued your interest? See below to learn more about the process and to complete the Grant Application Form. 

Application Process and Details

Swim Lessons

Applications for Phase 2 are accepted between February 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023.



You Pay

You get refunded*

Course length

Bronze Medallion



20 hours

Bronze Cross



20 hours

Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross Combo



40 hours

Standard First Aid



14-16 hours

National Lifeguard



44 hours

Water Safety Instructor (YSI)



46-55** hours

Lifesaving Instructor (LSI)



28 hours

*Must provide proof of living in the city of Chilliwack or being a student in Chilliwack.
**YSI Course is blended online and in person:



Step 1: Apply for your Phase 2 grant HERE. We’ll get back to you quickly. If you have questions please email

Step 2: Register for the course you need next with LIT Aquatics. Click HERE for steps to become a lifeguard and swim instructor. 

Your reimbursement, as per the schedule available here, will come once you've attended the course. 

Step 3: As you are successful with each course, we’ll support the next step on your aquatic leadership journey towards employment with the YMCA at one of the four pools in Chilliwack. 

Step 4: Upon completion of National Lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor the YMCA will be happy to provide you with an interview and opportunity to join our team. 

Have questions?


Apply for the Aquatics Phase 2 Grant Here