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Our Statement on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging


YMCA BC is firmly committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDIB). We strive to ensure that everyone, including all equity-deserving groups, is included, celebrated, respected, and valued. This encompasses but is not limited to ability, age, caste, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender expression, gender identity, income, national origin, political belief, race, or sexual orientation.   

Our aim is to foster a culture of respect, understanding, and appreciation for the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that everyone brings to our YMCA community. By actively championing EDIB, we are not only strengthening our organizational fabric, but also cultivating a more vibrant, inclusive, and resilient society.   

Our dedication to EDIB is unwavering, recognizing that our efforts in this space are fundamental to realizing our broader vision of healthier, thriving communities. Together, with our staff and volunteers, we aspire to ensure that YMCA BC continues to be a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can reach their full potential.   

This commitment is the cornerstone of our values, driving us forward as we work towards building a more just, inclusive, and equitable future for all.



As part of our commitment, we are developing a robust EDIB strategy and will continue to share updates. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to us at