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Many political leaders made child care a key issue during the September election. Making child care more affordable for families has many benefits and can help parents get back to a post-pandemic workforce. Before the election, the Federal Government signed an agreement for $10-a-day child care with the B.C. government. Congratulations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, returning to a third term, we hope that we can now look forward to this exciting process beginning.

BC’s Path to Universal Child Care – Listen to the first podcast from Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre on BC’s path toward a universal child care system. In this premiere episode, Gyda Chud, founding board member of Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre, interviews the Honourable Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care. Listen on Spotify now.

Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) – Changes have been made to the ACCB:

  • Families can now receive ACCB for children enrolled in the School Age Care on School Grounds care program.
  • Parents with children who are school age but not enrolled in school may be eligible to receive a higher rate for child care. For example, if a child’s enrolment in school is delayed.
  • ACCB may now be provided for children attending licensed preschool programs at the age of 29 months (formerly 30 months).

The following updates have been made to the ACCB Child Care Arrangement form:

  • School Age Care on School Grounds has been added as a type of Licensed Group Care: and
  • ‘this child is school age’ has been changed to ‘this child is enrolled in school.’

Applications Now Open for Childcare BC New Spaces Fund. Read the guidelines now.
The above information and more are from the Childcare BC Bulletin Vol. 22 – Subscribe to this new format for child care news and information directly from Childcare BC. Read more.
New Children and Families Microsite  –  The Ministry of Children and Families supports the delivery of the best service to Métis children and their families in B.C. The new microsite will include contact forms, resources, programs, events, legislation information and all current happenings within the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Learn more.