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Indigenous truth and reconciliation educational resources

Here at the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, we are fortunate to have the Young Leaders Councila volunteer group of changemakers 30 and under who are committed to making a difference. Year after year, they focus on different topics that they are passionate about. Over the past two years, they have especially been committed to spreading awareness about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Last year, they launched a mixed media club for staff called 'The Diversity Learning Project: More Than Just a Book Club'. They met monthly as a group to discuss various topics with the intention to learn and grow through dialogue. Their very first meeting focused on the topic, 'The Indigenous History of Turtle Island' and the resource list featuring Canadian Indigenous authors, poets, filmmakers, and more was compiled with care and commitment. 

In light of Orange Shirt Day and the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th, we want to share this resource list with you too. We hope that it will help you further your knowledge of Indigenous Peoples' histories, cultures, traditions, challenges, wins, and truths in Canada.

The Diversity Learning Project: More Than Just a Book Club  Indigenous History of Turtle Island Resource List 

Long Reads, Watches & Listens (100+ pages or 90 minutes +) 

  • Inconvenient Indian: Non-fiction, 336 pages 

  • Moon of the Crusted Snow, Waubgeshig Rice: Fiction, 235 pages 

  • Seven Fallen Feathers, Tanya Talaga: Non-Fiction, 376 pages 

  • Split Tooth, Tanya Tagaq: Fiction/Non-Fiction, 208 pages 

  • From the Ashes, Jesse Thistle: Memoir, 368 pages 

  • Highway of Tears: Documentary, rent for $1.99 

Medium Reads, Watches & Listens (25-99 pages, 30 - 89 minutes) 

Short Reads, Watches & Listens (3-24 pages, 5 – 29 minutes) 

  • Beyond this City Streets – Youth Poetry Anthology (City of Nanaimo): Poetry collection, 7:49 

  • A Relocation Experiment – Part 1 and Part 2: Documentary, 23 minutes per episode  

Micro Reads, Watches & Listens (1-3 pages, under 5 minutes)