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A YMCA volunteer leads a yoga class

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver is so fortunate to have an energetic and diverse team of volunteers who make a difference at our centres of community and in our programming each and every day

National Volunteer Week wraps up for 2022 on Saturday, April 30, and we’ve had a wonderful time marking the occasion. Many YMCA members have stopped by to share their thanks with volunteers on boards set up at our centres of community like the one below at Robert Lee YMCA, leaving messages of appreciation for all they do.  


A poster board at Robert Lee YMCA is covered in post-it notes with thank-you messages to volunteers.


As members have shared their admiration for those who volunteer their time with the YMCA to make their communities healthier and better connected, many of these messages have been particularly inspiring. 

“I didn’t know what volunteering really meant until I met YMCA volunteers!” said one anonymous message left on the board at Robert Lee YMCA. “I never stop being amazed (by) these people … Thank you!” 

We’ve also been proud to put the spotlight on some of our outstanding volunteers via social media over the past week, sharing their motivations for volunteering with the Y and why they find it fulfilling. 



It’s been fantastic to see how much our volunteers mean to their individual centres of community. We’ve been proud to share how much we cherish their efforts that touch the lives of so many.  



Whether they help the Y in a health-and-fitness capacity, with our youth and community services, in a leadership role or otherwise, we are always grateful for the time, goodwill and enthusiasm of our volunteers.  

We’re always looking for more, too! If you’d like to join our team of YMCA volunteers or to learn more about what’s entailed and the roles available, please click here to register and view available opportunities.