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Registration for our 2024 YMCA Summer Day Camps is now open. 

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Our 2024 Summer Day Camps are week-long sessions, running Monday to Friday between July 2 and Aug. 23. Programs will operate at the locations below across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. You can view the Welcome to Camp Guide for each location by clicking the program name in the chart below. 

Location Address Fee per week
Anderson YMCA Kids Club 9460 Alberta Road, Richmond $284/week
Bettie Allard YMCA 555 Emerson Street, Coquitlam $200/week**
Cascade Heights YMCA Kids Club 4343 Smith Avenue, Burnaby $50/week*
Donna Gabriel Robins YMCA Kids Club 7844 204B Street, Langley $50/week*
Douglas YMCA Kids Club 2150 Brigadoon Avenue, Vancouver $268/week
Fairview YMCA Kids Club 12209 206 Street, Maple Ridge $268/week
Henderson YMCA Kids Club 451 East 53rd Avenue, Vancouver $268/week
Jessie Lee YMCA Kids Club 2124 154 Street, Surrey $284/week
Jules Quesnel YMCA Kids Club 3050 Crown Street, Vancouver $268/week
Kitchener YMCA Kids Club 3455 West King Edward Avenue, Vancouver $268/week
Lord Roberts YMCA Kids Club 1100 Bidwell Street, Vancouver $268/week
Maple Grove YMCA Kids Club 1924 West 45th Avenue, Vancouver $268/week
Mount Pleasant YMCA Kids Club 2300 Guelph Street, Vancouver $268/week
Rupert Park YMCA Kids Club 3150 Kitchener Street, Vancouver $268/week
Sprouts Kids Club 3368 Carscallen Road, Richmond $284/week
Stitó:s YMCA Kids Club 5377 Tyson Road, Chilliwack $268/week
Stoney Creek YMCA Kids Club 2740 Beaverbrook Crescent, Burnaby $268/week
Tong Louie YMCA Kids Club 14988 57 Avenue, Surrey $268/week
Van Horne YMCA Kids Club 5855 Ontario Street, Vancouver $268/week


Hours of operations each day will be 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please see note below regarding hours of operation for the Bettie Allard YMCA location.

*Please note: Since the Cascade Heights and Donna Gabriel Robins YMCA Kids Clubs are approved $10-a-day child care centres, fees for summer programs operating at this location must also remain at $10-a-day. This adheres to the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

** Hours of operation at the Bettie Allard YMCA are 8:00am to 5:00pm each day