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Learn How to Manage Stress and Anxiety


Want to learn proven and effective coping strategies for mild-to-moderate anxiety or stress? Join the YMCA's Y Mind Adult program. It is a FREE online mental wellness program for people ages 31+. The program runs for seven weeks and is delivered by YMCA BC (Greater Vancouver region). 

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Since 2020, Y Mind Adult has supported close to 189 participants across the Lower Mainland.

Program Details:

  • Free, seven-week mental wellness program for adults experiencing mild-to-moderate stress & anxiety.

  • Learn proven coping skills and meet peers who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings.

  • Each session is 2.5 hours long and is offered one evening a week, for seven weeks.

  • Must be available to attend all seven sessions.

  • Attendance at one virtual information session is required to sign up.


"I was feeling terrible about myself and life. I thought I had anxiety but knew very little about it. Now, I have more awareness about anxiety and mental health, and learned about tools to deal with emotions and thoughts. I feel more positive and compassionate toward myself. Now, I understand that anxiety is part of life [and] that I shouldn't be ashamed. I feel I can overcome or learn to experience a richer life."

- Past Y Mind Adult Participant


The Y Mind program is also offered to all ages 13+. 


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