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Helping Youth Begin their Next Chapter with Confidence 


The Youth Transitions Program is a free service for youth ages 11 to 19 who need additional support during transition points in school and life. The program fosters a sense of belonging through one-on-one support and interactive workshops. Through a trauma-informed, goal-oriented, and strengths-based approach, students develop life skills, gain resiliency, cultivate a positive mental well-being, and develop the confidence to reach their fullest potential.  

Program Details:

  • Free for youth ages 11 to 19 who are leading to or at transition points in school 
  • Currently offered to Coquitlam students attending Como Lake Middle School, Hillcrest Middle School, Maple Creek Middle School, and Summit Middle School
  • The program offers two program streams: One-on-one support and workshops. Students can participate in one stream or both streams depending on need and interest. 
  • Flexible support that can be customized based on participants’ needs 

One-on-One Support: 

  • Individualized sessions 
  • Length varies on youths’ needs 
  • Goal-oriented support 


  • Workshops are tailored to the group or individual 
  • Sample topics include: 
    • Self-awareness 
    • Building self-confidence 
    • Identifying values 
    • Developing meaningful and healthy connections 
    • Budgeting 
    • Self-care, health and wellness, hygiene, sexual health 
    • Time management 

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